Our Company

Irfan Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Ltd., is a joint venture company between Bernas, a Malaysian food conglomerate, listed in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and Irfan Noman Group, which is the 2nd generation in rice business since 1964. The relationship between Irfan Noman and Bernas (former LPN) is over 26 years. Irfan Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Ltd. specialize in the field of rice procuring, processing, packaging & marketing. We market a series of Pakistani White rice varieties. INB exports during the year 2010-2011 were over 100, 000 Metric Tons amounting to over PKR 4 billion (over US$42 million).

INB’s Dubai Office

In order to have a strong market presence in the Gulf region, Irfan Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Ltd. have established a marketing office and warehouse right in the heart of Dubai, UAE. In 2007, we identified the gap in the Middle Eastern rice market and opened our shop in Dubai where ready stocks are always available to cater the immediate demands of the customers in UAE.


We, at Irfan Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Ltd., being one of the top exporters of rice from Pakistan aspire to carve a niche for ourselves in the rice industry by becoming international market leaders and also by providing our customers with the best quality product.


Dedicated to positioning our brand internationally, this adheres to high quality standards whilst providing superior products and services to our valuable customers.

About Management

Founder – Mukhtar Ahmed Sheikh (late), The first Rice Mill was established by the founding group Chairman, Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed Sheikh (late) who was at the time, the Chairman, Rice Millers and Supplier Association & member of the Rice Board (Government of Pakistan Rice Committee), after which Irfan Noman group installed three additional Rice Mills in different parts of the country and started farming in over 1000 Acers of agricultural land.

INB Chairman – Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sheikh is the recipient of Businessman of the Year Gold Medal Award from President of Pakistan for promoting rice trade and enhancing exports for Pakistan. Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sheikh has also acted as the Chairman of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP), which represents over 1800 rice exporters from all over Pakistan. He has also been elected twice as the Managing Committee member of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP). He is a widely traveled businessman and possesses vast knowledge of the rice industry and has represented Pakistan several times internationally & domestically. He is the Managing Trustee of Chiniot Bait-ul-Maal trust as well.Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sheikh has also had the honor of visiting Japan with the President of Pakistan as REAP’s Chairman on an official trip to promote Pak-Japanese rice trade. It was during this trip that Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sheikh brought the notorious Japonica rice samples from Japan in order to commercially plant the seeds for the first time in Pakistan and now it is being successfully grown on trial basis at different locations in Pakistan.

INB Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Noman Ahmed Sheikh, has been awarded the Businessman of the Year Gold MedalAward as well from the President of Pakistan and has extensive experience in rice quality research, rice procurement and developments. He along with his brother, Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sheikh, is the recipient of several best exports performance trophies from the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Brief History Of Mehman

Mehman brand, all rights reserved by Irfan Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Limited, was established in 1996 to promote special grade of long grain Super Basmati Rice. Mehman was specifically designed to meet and cater the demands of local and international markets as per global rice standards. The theme of our Mehman brand represents the green valleys of Pakistan. The brand is registered in Pakistan as well as all major countries around the globe.

Today, Mehman brand is one of our largest exportable brands from Pakistan, being distributed to more than 43 countries around the world. The Mehman brand is playing an important role in promoting Pakistani rice internationally and has earned an esteemed reputation for the company worldwide.